Pack of 3 Samosa & Pastry Dough Maker


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Pack of 3 Samosa & Pastry Dough Maker

  • Color: Multicolors
  • Material: Food Grade Plastic
  • Non-Toxic Hard Plastic
  • Easy to use & Clean

Samosa dough/dumpling makers molds, which are mainly made of durable food-grade non-toxic hard plastic for safe use, help to emboss the dumpling shape in minutes. The dumpling mold is a great helper for you to make delicious dumplings, much more easily and quickly at home. With easy to use and clean, it is really a wonderful dough press dumpling molds makers for choice. Find Samosa dough prices, Pastry dough prices, Samosa dumpling prices, and Samosa maker prices in Pakistan


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Pack of 3 Samosa & Pastry Dough Maker


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