Rubik Cube Solver 3×3 Classic Toys Cube 3X3 Puzzle Speed Magic Cube


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Product description

  • CLASSIC RUBIK’S CUBE PUZZLE GAMEPLAY: Remember trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube game as a kid? With classic puzzle-solving gameplay, The Rubik’s Cube game is a challenging puzzle for kids ages 8 and up
  • INCLUDES COOL PUZZLE STAND: Put the Rubik’s Cube on display The puzzle comes with a display stand so gamers can show off their puzzle, and store it when it’s not in use
  • TWIST, TURN, AND ROATE: The Rubik’s Cube puzzle toy has many combinations, but only 1 solution. Each step involves a sequence of twists of the cube to move a particular square
  • INCLUDES PUZZLE SOLUTION GUIDE: This Rubik’s Cube puzzle game includes a 7-Step Solution Guide. It includes detailed, step-by-step moves, and interesting Rubik’s Cube fun facts
  • SIDES TURN EASILY: This edition of the Rubik’s Cube game features an improved mechanism that lets the sides of the puzzles turn easily

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  • Features:
    1.  Perfect Science Education GIFT
    Perfect as science education gift for your family, boyfriends, children, classmates, and yourselves.
    2. A Good Magic Cube, Realize Your Childhood Dreams
    What is a good cube? It turns quickly and firmly, will not get stuck or scatterred, compatible all sorts of techniques.This product meets your needs at one time. Powerful performance, cost effective, with APP, let you easily get new skills, the realization of childhood restore dreams.
    3. Movable Magnetic Module Design
    Automatic Positioning, Light & Smooth Movement
    With built-in strong magnets, it can be aligned automatically with a flick of the dial.  Innovative movable magnetic module design brings a stronger sense of the sound of magnetic suction, like with BGM itself, can not stop at first.
    4. High-Performance Racing Structure Design
    More Accurate Rotation, More Stable Elasticity
    The innovative segmented lengthened shaft and dual metal shaft sleeve have greatly improved the verticality of the six axes and the rotation accuracy of the center block. Combined with the new integrated design of the center block and the elastic system, the elasticity on all six sides remains stable and consistent. Players can freely adjust the tightness, just breaking the hand speed as fast as they can.

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Rubik Cube Solver 3x3

Rubik Cube Solver 3x3 Classic Toys Cube 3X3 Puzzle Speed Magic Cube


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